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Model 203

The Trebor Model 203 Hot Gas Rework Statioin was designed for the purpose of gently removing I.C. Chips using a localized blowing Hot Gas through a Quartz Heater to the top of the I.C. Chip then manually pushing from the left side with a precision and rigid tool mounted on a micrometer slide, removing the chip with out disturbing it.


  1. 2X2 heated work holder controled by a digital readout temperature controller
  2. Quartz heater mounted on a pneumatic vertical slide for ease of removing substrates or packages being worked on
  3. Adjustable temperature, gas flow and pressure controls for the quartz heater
  4. Die pusher for applying a gentile, steady force to the die, preventing damage
  5. Microscope mont for Leica (B&L) stereozoom microscope


  1. Stereozoom 4 Microscope with "E" arm and 1 pair of 10x widefield eyepieces
  2. .5X Lens
  3. Trebor Model 150 flourescent ring illuminator with adapter for stereozoom 4 Microscope