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Flip Chip Bonder
Model 2000

The Trebor Model 2000 Flip Chip Bonder has been designed for low volume (60-100 per hour) R&D laboratory use and/or low volume production requiring accurate placement of flip chip. The system has a sliding table, which has a 5i X 10i travel. Vacuum rigidly locks the table in position. A micrometer stage is used to adjust X,Y, and Theta to align the pattern on a substrate with the bumps on the die.


  1. Cold Bond Head to accept a 1/8 X 3/4 vacuum pick-up tool, 2 inch "Z" travel on a precision, pneumatically actuated ball slide and adjustable bond force
  2. 2 inch X 2 inch unheated or heated work holder with a controlled, precision, digital controller (up to 400 deg. C)
  3. A holder for a 2 inch sq. waffle pack
  4. Extend-retract, Look-up/look-down viewing system, through a stereozoom microscope,separately adjustable fiber optic illuminators used to illuminate die and substraight


  1. Heat bond head to accept a 1/8 X 3/4 vacuum pick-up tool
  2. 3 inch X 3 inch, 4 inch X 4 inch, or to customers specification, unheatedor heated work holder
  3. Dual nozzles, gas-heating system with controlls for localized flip chip heating