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Model 1

The Model 188 Solderability Tester-Dipper can be used for incoming inspection, batch sampling or production solder dipping of various tpes of Hybrid Packages and Intgrated Circuits.

The Model 188 has been designed with:

  • Automatic sequencing of up, down, dwell and side to side movements
  • Individually controlled 0 to 10 second dwell time for flux and solder dipping
  • Adjustable immersion time for flux and solder bath
  • A choice of a "Wave-Dipper" solder pot with a 4" diameter dipping area OR a solder pot (up to 6" x 12") that must be skimmed by the operator
  • Parts holder fixture to customers specifications
Width: 28 inches Electrical: 110VAC, 60Hz, 6A
Depth: 28 inches Dry Filter Air : 50PSI minimum
Height: 12 3/4 inches