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Model 116

Model 160 Dripless Epoxy Dispenser provides controls for dispensing small quantites of adhesive from a syringe. A timed pressure pulse is supplied to the syringe. All the end of the pressure pulse, a slight vacuum is applied to the syringe to prevent adhesive drip.

The Epoxy Dispenser privides the following controls:

  • Pressure regulation for the syringe
  • Variable time pressure pulse or continous pressure to the syringe
  • Vacuum regulation to the sringe
  • Optional vaccum cut off to the syringe
  • Outlet for the use of a vacuum pencil with the unit
Width: 9 inches
Depth: 5 inches
Height: 6 inches
Air: 50 PSI minimum
Vaccum: 20" Hg minimum
Electrical 110 V 60Hz 1A

Hypodermic needle tips and syringes to the customer specifications.