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Model 116


  1. Uses a "precision balance" dial with a range of 0 to 10 grams and repeat sensitivity of 0.1g
  2. Speady "dial in" set up
  3. Non-destruct or destruct test capability with outset up change
  4. Stereozoom microscope mounting
  5. Work holdingchucks to customers requirements


  1. Work to be tested is loaded onto the chuck which is free to slide and rotate on the base plate
  2. The wire tobe tested is brought under the hook and rotated to proper orientation while beingobserved through the microscope
  3. The puller lever handle is depressed which lowers the hook so that the wire can be slid over the hook
  4. When the lever handleis released, an increasing pull is applied to the wire up to the preset value on the dial
  5. When all motion stops, the pull test is completed, the lever handle is depressed again, the tested wire is slid out over the hook and the next wire to be tested is brought over the hook
  6. When a destruct test is desired, afer all motion stops, as described in number 5 above, additional tension is applied by turning the dial gently.
  7. Adjustments and stops are provided for setup of the most convenient operation


  1. With hook assembly inposition, (in the "V" groove), place desired gram weight onto the hook assembly (hook into a hole on the hook assembly)
  2. Set gram gauge to ZERO (0), by turning the dial counter clock-wise (to the left)
  3. With weights on the hook assembly, SLOWLY turn the gram gauge dial clock-wise (to the right) until the hook assembly goes up
  4. Place a mark on the dial for future reference OR loosen the setscrew on the dial and reposition the dial to the desired gram marking, tighten the screwset